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If you are like most of us, we have all lost our fair share of money in the stock markets using stock & option strategies written by so-called gurus and experts costing thousands of dollars.

Have you ever wondered, how does these stock and options trading experts develop these stock & option strategies, prove its worthiness all over the internet and in books, made money with them, but when you use these stock or option trading strategies, its magic fades away and you started losing money…

Going deep into the core of the problem revealed that there was nothing wrong with these stock or option trading strategies! What was wrong was that I found it difficult or even impossible for many amateur stock & option traders to do many things EXACTLY the way these stock & option trading strategies demanded it! Have you ever held on longer then the stop loss policy allows? Have you ever let profits run when you are supposed to take profit? Haven’t these situations resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars and most importantly, a loss of trading confidence?

Why does that happen? Well, the Holy Grail of trading systems and trading strategies is in fact a complete system completed by the investor himself! The psyche of the investor makes or breaks the stock & option trading system! Your character determines what kind of stock & option trading strategy works for you! With a stock & option strategy that compliments your character, you can truly find your personal financial Holy Grail of stock and option trading strategies and be on your way to becoming the next stock market millionaire!


I have developed this psychometric test for you to find out if you are suitable for long or short term trading. End of the day, all trading strategies are either long or short term in nature. This test reveals your dominant character which shows up especially during trading. You are not always like that and you will change with age. It also doesn't mean that you can't have a bit of exposure in all forms of stock & option trading strategies.

Bookmark this page and test yourself from time to time. Forward it to any friend that may benefit from it too!

Have fun on this journey of self discovery.

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by Jason NG Y K, Founder, Masters'O'Equity Asset Management

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